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ground hero program
The GROUND HERO PROGRAM is part of the Military Resilience Project’s Community Reintegration Initiative, and is a collaborative partnership with Intersections International. This program is designed to bring active duty military personnel, veterans, civilians, and emergency first-responders in New York City together as part of a community experience in and around the National 9/11 Memorial. (Read More…)
Vet Threads is a critical needs assistance program, available to veteran of all eras, branches, and discharge statuses. We work with other community partners to provide re-purposed furniture, household goods, housewares and clothing. (Read More…)
Through the years, the people at the Military Resilience Project have worked with variety of service providers in the community. During this time, we have established and developed relationships with those who are the “best of the best” and offer the veteran community real time assistance.
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Our Why

At the Military Resilience Project we have a strong belief that resiliency and reintegration has as much to do with us in the community as it does those who have served.  We focus on weaving Prevention, Advocacy, and Sustainability into all areas of support, in order to facilitate the best possible outcomes.  All too often there is a focus on the “problems” that a service member, veteran, or military family may be challenged by, and less of a focus on creating spaces and opportunities for our military to be heard in the everyday.

Although the need for crisis services and “treatment” programs is present, there is also a commonly overlooked need for community spaces and experiences where our military can interact openly and connect with each other and with those around them.  Part of our mission at the Military Resilience Project is to do just that; to create opportunities for individuals to engage in community-based events that both honors their unique experiences and allows those experiences to become part of a shared narrative.  In this way, the power of meaning, shared in relationships, can be brought to bear to facilitate resilience and recovery.

Our Philosophy is to provide integrative behavioral health solutions that revolve around the concept of building strength and sustainability, from micro to macro levels of functionality.

Healing and resilience begins with INDIVIDUALS-  it begins with helping people learn ways in which they are out of balance, and giving them experiences to redefine who they are as active agents in their lives.

Resilience also occurs IN CONTEXT- in the context of our families, our Units, and our relationships with others.  Working with individuals in this context promotes social connection and a stronger fabric of resilience for all concerned.

Lastly, resilience and reintegration are bred in COMMUNITIES who are open to our military, who reach out to welcome them in and welcome them back, and who provide avenues for our military members to assume meaningful and productive lives with identity and honor.

In The News

Events in Falluja

The Impact on our Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families by Dr. Michael DeFalco The recent news that Falluja, Iraq has fallen out of Iraqi Government control and back into the hands of Sunni insurgents with ties to Al Qaeda has delivered a real blow to many in our military community. Images of the insurgents raising their black flag over the town and walking freely through areas where battles were fought hard by our US Military in 2004 have shocked some, and has led many to question both the costs associated with securing Falluja and the war in Iraq in …

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PTSD- Progressively Transcending Societal Disconnects: Prevention versus Retroaction for our Military Community

 Aynisa Leonardo, LCAT, ATR-BC and Michael DeFalco, Psy.D. Introduction: Thank you for your service… These words echo through our communities in America with great intent and genuine gratitude.  However, for many service members, these words are not what they need to hear in order to achieve cultural and community reintegration.  Ed Tick (n.d.) eloquently states, “In any healthy society, there is a proper reciprocal relationship between warriors and civilians. During threat, warriors encircle and protect the rest of us. When they return, it is our responsibility to encircle and protect and tend them.”  The idea of providing community support to …

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